One size fits all sometimes means too small
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Paola Cappellari
Communications Manager
My parents had a moment of brilliance when they named me, thinking it would roll off the tongue of every American. Luckily parenting really does have its rewards, as I finally had the chance to bestow this lovely naming tradition on my children. Sorry, Annasofia and Gianpaolo! Oh, and speaking of kids, nurturing kids that are as talented as mine is exhausting—and cold! As evidenced by my pallid skin, I spend countless hours a week in an ice rink while my daughter practices axels and sit spins in hopes to become a world-famous figure skater. Other times it can also be hot. Being the mom of a future MLB player makes me sweat Vouvray (my go-to wine) just thinking about it. Follow me on Twitter (@Pcapp_I_am).
Jessica Connor
Sr. Manager, Marketing
I’m a new mother, lifelong learner, a cat lover, an incredible baker and a hot yoga enthusiast. I spend my days loving my marketing job and my evenings reading about innovative marketing technologies and leadership lessons. If you want to hear more about marketing, check out my Twitter (@jessathey).
Connie Feick
Communications Manager
Looks are deceiving, especially when it comes to me. I may appear to be a mild-mannered Communications Manager and mother, but get to know me and you’ll find I have a secret identity not unlike the superheroes I love to watch movies about. I’m a life-long learner who believes every experience is an opportunity for adventure and new information. Interested in hearing more tidbits? Follow me on Twitter (@cefeick).
Ambrosia Jones
Account Manager
It’s been almost 9 years since I married my high school sweetheart. Every day is another blessing that I’m able to share with him. We have 2 beautiful babies, Maddy (our 6-year-old princess) and Isaac (our 3-year-old police officer). I have a passion for helping others, and strongly believe that anyone can be successful in life (personally and professionally) regardless of what life throws at them. I live and breathe this philosophy, having been to Africa 3 times and lived on an orphanage base for 3 months in Mozambique. I value every relationship I make and aim to help people reach for the stars. Follow me on Twitter (@AmbrosiaJones24).
Jody McLaren
Sr. Manager, Customer Experience
Call me “the Cheerleader.” Mom, team leader, taxi driver, sponsor and cheerleader for my sons’ baseball teams—I’m all of these things at once. Like every other fantastic woman, I’m passionate about my life and dedicated to helping others achieve their potential. I’m a self-motivated mom of 2 handsome boys who continues to juggle family and work life. I balance cheering on my family and thinking outside the box for my EyeMed customers. If I ever see you down on your luck, I’ll do whatever I can to help you. I always have stories to share, whether they’re my own or ones I’ve picked up while fulfilling my guilty pleasure of reading celebrity magazines. Either way, I promise to help you cheer up and go for your dreams! Come visit me on Twitter (@jody_mclaren)!
Fred Neurohr
Sr. Manager, Competitive Intelligence
Call me “Mr. Mentor.” I’m extremely passionate about making a difference, whether it’s helping a young person make positive life choices, volunteering for causes that help the area’s youth or simply fixing a system that’s not functioning as it should. I volunteer everywhere I can, because I feel a great deal of responsibility for the wellness of my community and the people around me. This passion blends into my work life, too. I’m a research professional, and my first research gig was with the American Foundation for the Blind in New York. Outside of work and volunteering, I spend my time with my wife and best friend Liz, and our two beautiful kids Abby and Joey. Visit me on Twitter (@fredneurohr)!
Jesseca Oscar
Director, HR Business Partner
While I’m relatively new to Luxottica, I’m a master at Human Resources. I’m strategic, energetic and amazing at finding the best talent out there. I’m a true HR generalist, but I love recruiting, talent management and employee and union relations. If you catch me outside of my HR role, you’ll see me in another role I love: mom! My husband and I have 2 wonderfully fun children, both under 10 years old. Follow me on Twitter (@jobuckeye11).
Erin Putman
National Account Manager
When I’m not watching my 2 kiddos, I’m probably reading people-interest stories in the Huffington Post or “brain candy” magazines like People or US Magazine. . At work, I love making an impact through EyeMed’s products and through OneSight. Watching our organization give back to our local and global community is awesome. Plus, another added bonus of working for EyeMed? Our cafeteria’s unlimited supply of ketchup. For a condiment addict, this is the place to be. Want to hear more from me? Visit me on Twitter (@Erinputman4).
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One size fits all sometimes means too small
One size fits all sometimes means too small