To members, the bottom line of EyeMed benefits is more than just money
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To members, the bottom line of EyeMed benefits is more than just money
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Jessica Connor
Sr. Manager, Marketing
Sr. Manager, Marketing | LinkedIn | @JessAthey

At EyeMed Vision Care, we believe vision benefits aren’t just about seeing clearly, but about so many big and little things clear vision brings to everyday life. Take EyeMed members Brandon Shelton, Kathy Garland and Linette Otero. They told us how clear vision has not only improved their lives, but allows them to assist, teach and provide for others throughout different stages of life.



Brandon Shelton sees personal assistance



Brandon Shelton did not know he needed glasses until he decided to use his new EyeMed vision benefits and schedule an eye exam.



“Once the optometrist dialed in my prescription, I could see how big of a difference it made and all the detail I was missing out on,” Brandon said.



He realized he’d been neglecting an important part of his health care--a regular vision checkup. And when Shelton was deciding where to purchase his new frames, he had planned to shop around, but when he stopped into LensCrafters, he decided he didn’t need to look anywhere else.



“I found the glasses I wanted at a great price with my benefits,” Shelton said. “The process was painless. My EyeMed information was already available right on their computers. It was all extremely easy.”



Brandon shared that he worked in customer care in the vision industry in the past, so he appreciates the service he got from EyeMed.  



“EyeMed offers so many digital options for Millennials, like me, to access our vision benefits,” Brandon said.




Kathy Garland sees easy access



On average, most people spend 7 hours a day using a digital device. In some cases, this number can be even higher, like for EyeMed Vision Care member Kathy Garland.



As a professor and author, she often looks at digital screens at least 10 hours a day, and this can place a significant strain on her eyes. She can’t let dry eyes and digital eye strain get in her way.



“I like using EyeMed for my eye exams. The place I go has all the state-of-the-art technologies that look behind my eyes,” Kathy said. “I have dry eye issues, which causes pain in my right eye, and astigmatism. My vision benefits are a key part of my overall health because I need those eye exams to keep tabs on the health of my eyes.”



Availability is also a big deal for Kathy. Between teaching and writing, she has a very limited time window to see an eye doctor. However, with her vision coverage, it is very easy!



“It was so easy to find a provider that was available when I needed them and could accurately determine my prescription so it’s just right for me.”



Kathy wears contacts glasses, and readers, so she knows for a fact if she didn’t have EyeMed, she wouldn’t be able to purchase all the eyewear she needs to do what she loves.



In the past, Kathy had other vision benefits, but she said accessibility is what makes EyeMed stand out.



“When I didn’t have EyeMed, I was limited in where I could go for care,” Kathy said. “EyeMed is accepted with so many providers in my area. It made it easy to make my eye health a priority.”



Linette Otero sees access to style



EyeMed Vision Care member Linette Otero loves her coverage for more than just easy access to eye doctors.



“For me, EyeMed doesn’t just offer access to great vision care, but also great style,” Linette said.



In her 3 years with EyeMed benefits, Linette has enjoyed choosing frames that match the vision correction she needs.



“I’ve always preferred glasses over contacts because, with my busy schedule, I need something I can slip on quickly as I’m running out the door,” Linette said.



She noted she has unrestricted frame choices with her vision coverage and she only needs to pay a $5 co-pay.*



“I never miss my appointments to check if my prescription and eye health changed and to change up the style of my frames,” Linette said.



This year, Linette wanted to get out of her comfort zone with new frames. She went with a bold, yet “old school” look. She receives many compliments on her new glasses, and after each one, she wonders if the person giving the compliment has versatile vision benefits with as many options as EyeMed.



“I always explain, ‘Hey, my insurance is great, you should see if your employer offers it,’” Linette said.



Linette visits the same optometrist each year and doesn’t have a background of any health issues that affect the eyes, such as diabetes, but her optometrist always dilates her eyes to look for health issues, just in case. Her optometrist explained that an eye exam can be an early detection for a lot of other health-related issues.



“I think the biggest benefit of having EyeMed, is it truly benefits my overall health,” Linette said. “I love that my optometrist is so thorough and explains what each test is for and how it works.”



Otero loves to continue the tradition of providing her family with great vision insurance, just as her mother did for her when she was growing up.



“I had a vision plan through my mother when I was a little girl, and I'm happy that my daughter will get to experience the same thing!”



Just as all these members found their vision to make others’ lives better, EyeMed strives to do the same for members. With easy-to-use benefits, extensive choice and award-winning customer care, we’ll help your employees will find clear vision and all the everyday joys that come with helping others in their lives too. See this summary of 10 ways we challenge the status quo in vision.


* Note: co-pays vary based on the sponsoring organization’s plan design






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To members, the bottom line of EyeMed benefits is more than just money
To members, the bottom line of EyeMed benefits is more than just money