In the office or on the hiking trail, easy-to-use vision care is a must for Brian
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In the office or on the hiking trail, easy-to-use vision care is a must for Brian
Brian P. hiking through canyons.



Daytime professional and weekend thrill-seeking outdoor enthusiast, this millennial, Brian Pato, has seen the world clearly for the last 5 years with the help of EyeMed vision benefits.



Before Brian switched to EyeMed Vision Care benefits, he was constantly struggling to fit his doctor appointments in between work and travel. It was difficult for him to really enjoy some of his trips when he was constantly checking on when his glasses would come in for pickup, or when a contact lens prescription would be filled. He encountered many obstacles whenever it was time to update his vision prescription and often couldn’t get an appointment when it was convenient for him. However, as an EyeMed member, that changed and Brian is happy to tell his story about a smooth and easy experience.



“Since I’ve had EyeMed, I’ve never once had an issue with getting an appointment scheduled or not knowing when my glasses or contacts would arrive. Everything is very accessible,” Brian said.



His photochromic lenses, the type that change from clear to dark in the sunlight, provide much needed eye protection for all his outdoor activities like camping and hiking. “It's always a pain to bring contact lenses out on a trail or to a campsite, but swapping out glasses for sunglasses was also a pain. I don’t have to do that anymore!” The photochromic lenses are also very important to Brian when he hits the bright snowy ski slopes during winter.



Even though Brian is active, he doesn’t wear contact lenses and enjoys picking out different frame styles to wear. Since style is important to him, he wants to see all the options available. He’s happy he found that LensCrafters offered many different frame looks he loved, and because of his EyeMed benefits, all of the frame options were available to him.



“I really like Wayfarer® style glasses, and with EyeMed, I get great additional pair discounts, allowing me to buy multiple frames during the year.”



A story worth sharing



Eyeglasses don’t just play an important role in Brian’s social life and outdoor life, they’re also important in his career. He works in the hospitality industry and always needs to be operating at his full potential. Having clear vision and stylish frames help him perform at his best and look his best.



“My glasses always become a conversation topic,” Brian said.


When people compliment his glasses at work and ask about them, Brian explains how he has great vision care and vision benefits that are easy for him to use.



When switching to EyeMed, Brian was surprised with just how simple it was to find an eye doctor in the network, especially one he trusted to guide him in the right direction with his eye care. His current eye doctor has made him aware of eye disease and the diplopia (double-vision) that affects Brian’s vision. His past eye doctor never explained these things in-depth. He’s also learned he’s eligible to get LASIK surgery in the future, another vision service his EyeMed benefit makes more affordable.



Brian is thankful for his EyeMed benefits and the opportunities they provide him when exploring all the amazing things in life--whether enjoying the beautiful great outdoors or seeing a major work event succeed.



Learn more about the importance of vision care and vision benefits--visit to download our free “Value of Vision” whitepaper or brochure.






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In the office or on the hiking trail, easy-to-use vision care is a must for Brian
In the office or on the hiking trail, easy-to-use vision care is a must for Brian