Do your benefits appeal to millennials? Find out what you're missing.
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Do your benefits appeal to millennials? Find out what you're missing.

In this guest post, Barbara Berger, Senior Regional Sales Manager and EyeMed's #2 salesperson, shares what she learned about the benefit preferences of millennials.


Innovation is a strange, unpredictable creature. At EyeMed, we try to plan for it. We try to cultivate it. But sometimes, the best you can do is open the door, let it walk in and offer it a cold soda.


EyeMed is living that lesson right now with the help of a bright team of Miami University students. What started as a desire to pass along some real-life sales experience has turned into an innovative way to learn about our youngest members.


I believe employers can learn from these insights, just like I did.


Four years ago, I was contacted by Miami’s Farmer School of Business about a sales and marketing class designed to offer practical, hands-on experience. Not only would it be a chance to give back, it would be an opportunity to see EyeMed through someone else’s eyes.


For seven weeks, students immerse themselves in EyeMed – our products, clients, competitive analysis, research, hot buttons. They have help from many corners of the company, including training and development, competitive intelligence, marketing and sales. They even shadow me on real sales calls.


Bianca Misiti, one of the students who participated, call the program “one of the most valuable experiences that came from my college education.”


“Applying sales knowledge through this live scenario is the best way for students to practice and develop selling skills that can be used in any career path,” Bianca said.


But it wasn’t just the students who learned a thing or two. Over the years, the class has developed a series of EyeMed vision benefits presentations that really opened my eyes. With their help, I’ve learned how to do my job better.


I’ve also learned what young employees care about when it comes to eye care and vision benefits.


First of all, they’re VERY excited about online eyeglass options. The ability to personalize the buying experience matches their view that eyewear is a personal choice, even a fashion statement.


Along those same lines, they have a high interest in technology in general. Seeing cutting-edge optical equipment in action showed the team what they should expect from advanced eye care.


Being more mobile and consumer-savvy than past generations, the students appreciated that we have a network with many different types of providers, including retail optical locations and independent practices designed to meet a variety of lifestyle needs.


And of course they loved the members app, which lets members look up nearby provider locations and pull up their ID cards right on their phones.


These lessons are valuable when looking at all of benefits options. As your employee base gets younger, it will become even more important to recognize the connection the young market feels with a fun, vibrant, personal, caring brand like EyeMed. The students I worked with were simply blown away by our company’s culture, diversity and corporate social responsibility. It’s gratifying to know we’re setting a good example and building a strong bridge with future members.


Even though many of today’s recent graduates have no experience with eye care, once they see the value vision benefits bring to their day-to-day lives, they’re hooked. By making sure you offer benefits—including a vision plan—that includes features they care about, you can create an employee benefit package that grabs the attention of top talent. And you'll help keep them healthier once they're onboard.

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Do your benefits appeal to millennials? Find out what you're missing.
Do your benefits appeal to millennials? Find out what you're missing.