One size fits all sometimes means too small
One size fits all sometimes means too small
From shiny new toys to the cork on the bubbly, safe eyes can enjoy the holidays
Little boy opening a gift.
The holidays should be a festive, joyful time for everyone—with no time spent in the emergency room or the doctor’s office due to an eye injury. From gifts for the children to parties for the grown ups, these tips from the AAO can help keep everyone's eyes safe and filled with beautiful sights this holiday season.
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What I saw in China: she had to sit right in front of the vision chart to read the symbols
Young girl student at China OneSight center going through visual acuity testing--sitting close to the chart.
On the rural eastern end of what’s known as the Silk Road in China, I recently had the opportunity to review OneSight’s work building and operating vision centers for school children. Millions still live in poverty in this area and I was shocked by the prevalence and degree of need for vision correction among the children. Here's how OneSight is working to address such vision care issues around the globe for those who don't have easy and affordable access.
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WRITTEN BY: Lukas Ruecker
Vision benefits with the whole family in sight
Girl cheerleader at sport event.
Until her daughter began complaining in 7th grade about not being able to see well in school, Tammy didn’t realize vision care and her EyeMed benefits would become a priority in her family’s life. It was time to visit the eye doctor.
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WRITTEN BY: Holly Ingram
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One size fits all sometimes means too small
One size fits all sometimes means too small