One size fits all sometimes means too small
One size fits all sometimes means too small
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On World Gratitude Day, We Celebrate...Eye Exams?
Mother and daughter playing together.
It’s World Gratitude Day on September 21--what are you grateful for? I'm grateful for the opportunity to educate employers and benefits brokers on the value of vision, and I want to share Julie's story. See how access to vision care can not only save your vision, but your life.
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CATEGORY: Health & Wellness
How you can help bring eyeglasses--and potential to achieve--to the world
Lukas Ruecker and colleague at one of the Rwanda vision care centers
On October 12, World Sight Day, the world pauses for a moment to pay attention to the global problem of blindness and vision impairment. Helping people see life to the fullest has been, and is, my mission in life, whether it’s as president of EyeMed, or as chairman of OneSight. Will you join me to support a tested, sustainable solution for those without access to vision benefits, eye exams and eyeglasses?
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CATEGORY: Corporate Culture
WRITTEN BY: Lukas Ruecker
3 things about vision networks you need to know
Business manager looking at choices on sticky notes on the wall.
It might be tempting to evaluate vision networks by ONLY by size and cost. Vision evaluations are different from medical and dental and I want to share 3 of the questions you could be asking about each vision network you’re evaluating to ensure the best experience for employees and the most value for the cost.
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WRITTEN BY: Scott Kosinski
Labor Day: Different workforces need different solutions
American flag superimposed with worker gear and supplies.
In honor of Labor Day, we're sharing a look into different industries and their workforce vision care needs. It's critical that vision benefits companies help address the unique business challenges and employee vision needs in faced by every industry and organization.
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WRITTEN BY: Erin Putman
Evaluating vision: 3 tips for a new perspective to find benefit value
Employee team in the office looking at options for a decision.
Vision benefits can look similar at first glance, but there's a wider difference than you may realize. To get the full picture of value in vision, it's a good idea to start with benefits design. Here are just 3 of the ways to make sure you're seeing the whole value when comparing the benefits offered by different vision companies.
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CATEGORY: Expert Advice
WRITTEN BY: Scott Kosinski
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One size fits all sometimes means too small
One size fits all sometimes means too small