One size fits all sometimes means too small
One size fits all sometimes means too small
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Vision benefits can be both convenient and fashionable: Nicole's story
Young woman wearing glasses in a professional work meeting.
Nicole is a young professional who relies on her vision benefits to make sure the changes to her eye health don’t come by surprise. And just as importantly, she makes sure her vision benefits help her look her best at her job, while saving money. Here's Nicole's story.
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WRITTEN BY: Holly Ingram
Fitting vision into your definition of employee wellness
Woman with eyeglasses speaking with the eye doctor in front of eye chart.
It may be time to rethink most definitions of wellness programs to incoporate the benefits of eye health and vision care. An annual comprehensive eye exam provides an important first opportunity to detect diseases and conditions like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and more. The impact can go straight to the bottom line, and support healthier, happier employees.
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WRITTEN BY: Natasha D'sa
A gift that's 30 years in the making: pics & video of clear vision all over the world
Team of EyeMed employees holding a 30 years of service banner at clinic in Montana.
2018 marks twin 30th anniversaries for both OneSight and EyeMed. EyeMed employees have volunteered to travel alongside and immerse in communities worldwide to help people see life to the fullest. To celebrate and honor our joint anniversaries, we’re capturing OneSight experiences that have or are taking place, involving our employees in 2018. Here's a peek at the year so far.
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CATEGORY: Corporate Culture
WRITTEN BY: Erin Putman
Is there an average age kids start wearing glasses?
Little girl Katie with her eyeglasses on, holding a flowerpot and smiling.
You want the best for your children, and that includes quality health and vision care, but how do you know when is the right time for children to start wearing glasses? To answer that question, let me share a personal story.
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WRITTEN BY: Holly Ingram
Help employees save money while protecting their eyes from the sun
Man wearing sunglasses and smiling at baby on his lap who is also wearing sunglasses.
We can't let UV Safety Month pass without a reminder for you and your employees about the importance of UV eye protection and how vision benefits make it easy and affordable to stay safe (and stylish) any time the sun is out.
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One size fits all sometimes means too small
One size fits all sometimes means too small